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Data Cabling Technicians & Voice Cabling Specialists

Your structured cabling system provides the critical foundation for your business. The caliber and performance of your Information Systems and the networks they run on, can mean the difference between success and failure in today's competitive business environment. Our structured cabling systems provide outstanding performance, reliability, manageability, and a potential for growth. ITELEC has the right person for the job.

Moving to a new office?
Consider having any existing cable replaced so you can rest easy knowing your equipment is going to run right, and at the highest quality of speed and clarity. We will assess your current cabling network and advise, design, install, commission and maintain a cabling system to meet your requirements and budget.

Why use ITELEC Cabling Technicians and Phone Cabling Installers?
All our Gold Coast based Data Cabling Technicians are highly experienced and fully trained ACA Licensed offering a complete service from network design through to documentation.
Voice & Data Cabling
ITELEC provides telephone and data cabling and fiber optic cabling network installation for your communications needs. We can successfully and affordably cable your facility for voice and data networks. Cabling includes termination of the wire on a socket in the office and on the patch panel or wall socket in the equipment room.
Server Rack Cabling 
We can supply and install a server rack and patch panel for even more functional access to your high-end communications equipment and network server. We will label all sockets and label your patch panel, as well as provide you a network schematic for your records. It's easy! Have a professional-looking and functional equipment room to be proud of.


We offer the following data cable services:

  1. LAN / Office cabling - We can perform cabling installations in ducted and non-ducted premises
  2. Wall Mount Cabinets, PC Racks & Computer Cabinets
  3. Requirements Analysis & System Specification
  4. Structured cabling service for building back-bone connections
  5. Cable moves, cable adds and cable changes to your existing cabling infrastructure
  6. Cable patching and patch panel installations Telephone cabling
  7. Phone System Cabling Mitel
  8. Phone System Maintenance
  9. Diagnosing data cable, fibre optic cable, PSTN line faults
  10. Install data cable technicians
  11. Urgent call out data cable technician
  12. Emergency telephone system technician
  13. Data Cable Wall Mount Cabinets, Cable Server Racks
  14. Data Cable Requirements Analysis & System Specification
  15. Network Cabling Analysis and Network Cabling Design 
  16. Installation of Cat5E & Cat6 Structured Cable
  17. Integrated Voice and Data Cabling
  18. Mitel Phone System Voice Data Cabling Technician
  19. Phone VOIP Network and VOIP Telephone Cabling
  20. Phone System Cabling Maintenance
  21. Switch, Router and Firewall Installation
  22. Fibre Optic Cabling Installation & Termination
  23. Spread Spectrum Radio LAN Installation
  24. Outside Plant Cable Installation
  25. Data Cabling: CAT5 / CAT6 / CAT7 & Fibre Optic & Austel Certified, KRONE Certified
  26. Network Infrastructure for VoIP: Switches & Routers
  27. Network Infrastructure for 802.11 Telephony: Access Points & VoIP Gateways


We Install Fiber Optic Solutions


  1. Fiber / Fibre Optic Cable Assembly
  2. Fiber / Fibre Optic Patch Cord and Pigtail
  3. Fiber / Fibre Optic Connector
  4. Fiber / Fibre Optic Adaptor
  5. Fiber / Fibre Optic Adaptor Panel
  6. Fibre Optic Termination Box
  7. Fibre Optic Patch Panel
  8. Fiber / Fibre Optic Accessories


ITELEC uses vendor trained & certified technicians with vast collective experience. Get the job done right the first time and save time & money.

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