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Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery


If you are the average business person then you have more than likely never given much thought to data backup or recovery.
Unfortunately you are not alone.

Answer these questions:

  • Do you have a complete backup of your data?
  • What do you do if your server hard drive fails overnight?
  • What will you do if you lose all of your data?
  • How do you find out who owes you money?
  • How do you find out who you owe money to?

Introducing Shadow Protect from Storagecraft. Shadow Protect takes a complete backup image of your computer or server hard drive then takes small incremental images as often as 15 minutes apart. If your machine dies then you have a complete set of backups to within 15 minutes of the failure.


Image vs Traditional File Backup

In a traditional Backup you backed up folders or files. That was fine but you still need to install the software onto the machine. Traditional Backup required you to reinstall all software and license keys to get fully operational.

Think of an Image as a snapshot of your total computer environment. Data files, software, software keys, registry values and the like. A good example is the replacement computer. How many times have you replaced your computer and spent days or even weeks installing your software. You have to find the original disks or download a huge file from the internet, then find the original license key. Then you find the data associated with the software and load that to the correct location If you are anything like me then you have lost both the disk and the license. If you had Shadow Protect  you simply take a complete backup, buy a new machine, install Shadow Protect on the new machine and restore to the new machine form the backup. Your new machine will have ALL of the software and licenses installed without any fuss. Just start using it. You can easily imagine how simple a data restore or disaster recovery job becomes.

Have a look at the Shadow Protect video above. Oh and one last thing. Shadow Protect is not expensive software.

So the lesson
: If you spend any of your hard earned money on IT then this is the first area you should focus on. Shadow Protect backup of your data files allow you to get back to business quickly in the event of a machine failure. You may have to replace a hard drive or even a server but you can quickly resume operations thereafter.

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